Do You Need a Forklift Transported in Perth?

Executive Tilt Tray Services is a top-level heavy forklift towing and transportation company in Perth. Our reputation surpasses most of our competition because we offer versatile towing services to accommodate different customers’ needs. Heavy forklift transport and towing is a special service reserved for transporting industrial forklifts which are heavier and more sizeable than standard forklifts. If your heavy forklift has stopped working or needs to be relocated to somewhere else, we are the best equipped towing company to assist you for all your heavy forklift towing requirements.

Transporting any forklift is complicated because it is an irregularly shaped machine. But when you factor in the added weight of a heavy forklift, the job requires a professional towing operator with many years of experience in this field. Executive Tilt Tray Services employs towing operators who have skill and expertise in heavy forklift transportation. They know how to secure heavy forklifts onto the rear of tilt tray tow trucks and transport them safely from one destination to another without incident.

Executive Tilt Tray Services serves commercial and industrial clients needing a heavy forklift towing service. The specific industry of your business doesn’t make any difference to us. We can bring our tilt tray tow truck to any business or worksite in Perth and load a heavy forklift and transport it to any other worksite or business location in Perth or most country areas in Western Australia.

Tilt Tray Transporting Forklift in Perth

High-quality customer service is another one of our specialties. We take every heavy forklift towing or transportation request seriously and strive to fulfill service requests quickly and efficiently. Our towing operators won’t waste any time getting your heavy forklift loaded and transported to wherever you need it to be taken.

Heavy Forklift Transport Perth

Heavy forklifts are seen more often on construction sites, industrial sites, transportation depots, warehouses, and retail superstores around Perth. Worksite operators use heavy forklifts to move massive or heavy pallets from one location to another on the site. The destination is not too far away, so the heavy forklifts usually get loaded to their maximum load capacity.

It is easier for forklifts to grab hold of pallets and elevate them into the air before transporting them to a local destination. Workers will typically place numerous goods and finished products onto a single pallet to maximum productivity. Heavy forklifts can move more items on a single pallet because of their strength and size. That is why so many organisations have been using them for years and continue to do so as more and more items need to be moved around.

Tilt Tray Towing for Heavy Forklifts

A tilt tray tow truck is the best way to tow a heavy forklift. That is why our towing operators use tilt tray tow trucks to transport heavy forklifts around Perth. Since heavy forklifts are big machines and are extremely heavy, it requires a tow truck that can support the entire weight of the forklift.

Tilt tray tow trucks have a flatbed on the rear to carry the heavy forklift. The flatbed is a horizontal platform where machines or vehicles are placed. Our towing operators will winch your heavy forklift onto the tray and position the machine on top of it and securely chain it down to ensure it doesn’t move around.

Heavy forklifts are delicate machines that need to be treated with the utmost care and respect. Our towing operators understand their fragility, which is why we treat heavy forklifts as if they were our own machines. In addition, we take extra precautionary safety measures to protect our towed heavy forklifts from accidental damage.

No damage will be inflicted upon your heavy forklift because of the tremendous steps we will take to secure it on the flatbed. We guarantee your heavy forklift will arrive at its destination in the same condition every time.

We Can Tow Up to 13.5 Tonnes

Small and medium-sized forklifts can weigh a few tonnes. We have no problem towing this weight if you need a smaller forklift transported in Perth. But if you have a heavier forklift weighing up to 13.5 tonnes, we can also accommodate that request too. Our tilt tray tow trucks are multi-purpose towing vehicles designed to transport light, medium, and heavy weighted machinery and vehicles. We have a maximum load capacity of 13.5 tonnes, so we would be able to transport your heavy forklift or multiple units of machinery up to this weight capacity. We are also the holder of the Main Road WA Heavy Vehicle Accreditation (WAHVA) which means we can transport oversize or over height forklifts in Western Australia.

Forklift Transport Perth

We can discuss more details about our maximum load capacity with you when you call us on 0400 738 658. Please provide us with all the information you have available about your heavy forklifts, such as the brand, model number, and weight.

Affordable and Professional Heavy Forklift Transport in Perth

When removing a heavy forklift from a worksite, there is no time to waste. Executive Tilt Tray Services can act quickly to transport your heavy forklift to any location in Perth. The current condition of your heavy forklift doesn’t matter either. We can tow the forklift whether it is in good condition or not. It is really no different from how we tow standard vehicles in any condition. The same technologies and techniques are applied.

We are proud to offer affordable and professional heavy forklift towing services to business owners and residents of Perth. Our towing operators comply with all local and national laws associated with workplace safety and road transportation. The health and safety of your workers and the public is our top priority.

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