Do You Need to Transport Machinery in Perth?

Executive Tilt Tray Services specialises in the towing and transportation of all types of heavy machinery in all areas in Perth and most country areas in Western Australia. We are the number 1 heavy towing tilt tray service in Perth for all your machinery transport requirements and provide a professional, reliable and efficient service each and every time.

We can tow and transport light, medium and heavy machinery including forklifts, bobcats, loaders, excavators, scissor lifts, EWP’s and diggers. We can transport one or multiple units of machinery including and up-to a weight capacity of 13.5 tonnes and we are also the holder of the Main Roads WA Heavy Vehicle Accreditation (WAHVA) which give us the ability to transport any oversized or over-height machinery in Western Australia.

We offer the most competitive prices for all your machinery transport Perth requirements. We offer fast and reliable services and excellent customer service. Some of the common locations we pick-up and deliver machinery include warehouses, residential properties, construction sites, rural properties and many business locations.

Thanks to our modern tilt tray trucks and innovative towing equipment, we are able to safely and securely transport machinery all over Perth. Our tilt trays are designed to extract and relocate machinery with ease and our tilt tray operators are fully trained and an expert in their field. Your machinery will be treated with the utmost care during the entire transportation process. Call us now on 0400 738 658.

Machinery Transport Perth

Our Emphasis on Safety

Tilt tray trucks are ideal for transporting construction equipment, plant and machinery because they have safety mechanisms to secure the load and prevent unnecessary damage during transit. No other type of truck can give you such a safety guarantee.

Our tilt tray trucks are fitted with innovative towing and transportation equipment and designs for extracting, lifting and transporting heavy machinery over short and long distances in Perth and Western Australia. This equipment can secure machinery of various shapes, sizes, and weights without the risk of jeopardising the load or item that is under transit.

We employ highly trained and experienced tilt tray operators who prioritise safety above everything else. The operators know how to use the correct restraining methods and dunnage to assess the chain capacity relative to the weight and size of the load. These steps ensure the machinery is positioned correctly on the back of the tilt tray truck. That is why we can always guarantee the safety of your heavy machinery during the entire transport process.

Our excellent customer service and reliable heavy towing services make us the number 1 heavy towing and transportation company in Perth. Past clients have praised our services because of our speed, efficiency, and safety implemented on every job. So not only will your machinery be safe but everything else along the way also.

Why Choose Executive Tilt Tray Services?

The difference between our towing and transportation company and other companies in Perth can be found in our name. Executive Tilt Tray Services uses sophisticated tilt tray trucks to transport heavy machinery and plant equipment from Point A to Point B in all areas of Perth and most country areas in Western Australia. No other company can match the superior heavy towing technology that we have implemented at Executive Tilt Tray Services.

Attention to detail is another benefit of using our company. Our tilt tray operators pay attention to every detail of the heavy towing and transportation process to ensure the safety of your machinery and everyone else around it. Some of our competitors don’t have the same level of training and equipment to ensure safe heavy towing and transportation is achievable.

Would you like a further breakdown of why Executive Tilt Tray Services is the best? Here are at least four good reasons below:

Experience – Executive Tilt Tray Services has over 15 years of professional heavy towing and transportation experience in Perth. Our tilt tray operators have moved all kinds of equipment and machinery, including all types of construction equipment and industrial machinery. We bring our plethora of experience to every job we fulfill in Western Australia.

It is always a good idea to use an experienced company to move your machinery rather than one that has little experience or by trying to do it yourself. Many things can go wrong very easily without the expert knowledge and experience we bring. For this reason, it is a much better investment to hire the heavy towing and transportation experts of Executive Tilt Tray Services. Our experience and dedication to safety are unmatched anywhere.

Efficiency – Our focus on every detail of the heavy towing and transportation process means we can handle any type of item with professionalism and safety in mind. There are no unexpected delays or procrastination from any member of our company because we work fast and efficiently to please our clients across Perth and Western Australia.

When you need to get move your heavy machinery at a particular date and time, our tilt tray operators can accommodate your specific time requirements. Where others may have trouble meeting these requiremets, Executive Tilt Tray Services will always attend at the requested time and date as we understand your time is precious and we never want to let anyone down that requires any of our services.

Tilt Tray Transporting A Tractor

Valuable Investment – Our heavy machinery towing services are a valuable investment. Since our tilt tray tow trucks are consistently maintained and fully operational, we are ready to deliver your heavy machinery quickly and safely. There are never any setbacks or unexpected circumstances which would prevent us from fulfilling a heavy transport movement. Our fleet of tilt tray trucks is ready to come to anyone’s rescue.

We maintain lower prices than our competitors because we know how to reduce operational expenses. Instead of keeping the savings for ourselves, we pass them on to our clients so they can enjoy lower service prices. Which other company would be this generous?

Wide Coverage – Executive Tilt Tray Services serves clients in suburbs and communities across the Perth metropolitan area. If you are located anywhere within Perth and need your heavy machinery transported or relocated, there is no better company to call than Executive Tilt Tray Services.

Do you live outside of Perth? Executive Tilt Tray Services can assist in moving heavy machinery and equipment in most areas in Western Australia. Contact us to find out more or receive a price quotation for transporting heavy machinery long distances throughout Western Australia.

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