Do you need to transport an oversized machine, equipment, supplies or a portable building in Perth? Executive Tilt Tray Services has some of the most sophisticated and innovative towing and transport equipment that enables us to transport oversized machines, containers and buildings to any location in the Western Australia. Some examples of oversized buildings include portable offices, dongas, containers, sheds, washrooms, site safes, and other types of portable buildings.

Executive Tilt Tray Services can be hired to transport oversized buildings, containers and machines for mining sites, sporting events, exhibition events, construction sites, and other special projects. Our tilt tray trucks have the strength and capacity to transport small, large, and oversized items. There is no relocation project that we cannot handle in Perth.

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Oversize Transport Perth

WA Heavy Vehicle Accreditation

Executive Tilt Tray Services has received its Western Australia Heavy Vehicle Accreditation (WAHVA) from Main Roads. The accreditation gives us the legal authority to transport oversized loads to any location in Perth and the rest of Western Australia.

Not all companies hold a WAHVA accreditation. Strict guidelines and requirements have to be satisfied before the accreditation is issued to a transport company or operator. We are proud to have satisfied these strict requirements and it means we can transport your oversized load to its destination safely and efficiently.

Tilt Tray Trucks For Oversized Loads

Executive Tilt Tray Services use advanced tilt tray trucks to transport oversized loads to their required destinations. Our team can transport an oversized load exceeding 2.5 metres in width and 4.3 metres in height and we can transport any type of machinery, container or building up to a weight capacity of 13.5 tonnes.

The ability to transport oversized loads to different suburbs in Perth is no easy task. It requires a lot of planning, technical knowledge, skill and experience to ensure the delivery is made flawlessly. One little mistake could jeopardise the transport of the oversized load and put people and property in danger.

The best way to avoid these risks is to choose a professional transport service provider with experience in transporting oversized loads. Executive Tilt Tray Services has experienced operators who know how to load and secure oversized loads onto the flatbeds of tilt tray trucks. We also know how to obtain permit requirements and plot the fastest routes to transport the oversized loads to their destinations.

Door Location

Where do you want your oversized load placed on your property, and how do you want it positioned? For example, if you’re hiring us to transport a portable building to a construction site, you’ll need to let us know where you want the building placed on the site. You’ll also need to tell us which direction you want the doors to face. Since people have to use these doors to access the interior of the building, you may want the doors placed in a convenient location for the workers on the site.

Our tilt tray trucks transport the oversized loads on the rear tray of the trucks. When we release the loads onto the destination site, they will slide off the tray onto the ground from the rear. If you tell us the preferred position ahead of time, we can carefully plan the pickup and delivery of your oversized load. This information makes all the difference because it influences which way we pick up the load and the direction we release it.


Do you need us to fit your oversized load into the interior of a larger building or facility? If so, then you need to be aware of the accessibility and dimension restrictions. For instance, the entrance of the destination building cannot have a width of under 3 metres or a height of under 8 metres. This would enable us to fit the oversized load through the entrance and into the building.

Remember the tray height of our tilt tray trucks has a height of around 1.2 metres. You must add the height of the tray to the height of the oversized load. The height of the destination entrance must be slightly more to allow the height of the load.

Dispatch Communication System

Executive Tilt Tray Services utilises a powerful dispatch communication system to track our trucks and speak with our tilt tray operators. When your oversized load gets transported on the roads of Perth, won’t you want to know where it is located at all times? Since our trucks have GPS devices installed, we can track them on our system at all times.

Naturally, you’ll want proof of delivery after the oversized load has been delivered to the destination site. The good news is that our system includes photo capture technology. Our towing operator will capture a photo of the oversized load sitting at the destination site or location.

We Have the Best Equipment for the Job

Transporting an oversized load requires advanced transport technology and a skilled tilt tray operator team who knows how to put it to good use. Executive Tilt Tray Services has been using the latest towing technology and equipment for over 15 years. We exceed industry standards so that oversized loads can be transported safely and securely.

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