Low Loader Transport Perth

Low Loader Transport Perth

Executive Tilt Tray Services is a leading provider of Low Loader transport services in Perth Western Australia. We provide professional and reliable Low Loader transport services to construction companies, machinery dealers, industrial and mining facilities, warehouse and factory businesses and other entities that need to transport heavy machinery, items & equipment and oversized loads.

Our commitment to safety and professionalism is second to none. Executive Tilt Tray Services has been operating for over 17 years and has become a reliable Low Loader transport service provider throughout Perth and country areas in Western Australia. We have a fabulous reputation with clients state-wide who have depended on our services whenever they need a Low Loader to transport heavy items and equipment – Low Loader Perth

What is a Low Loader and What Can It Do?

Low Loader transport vehicles feature a transport platform much closer to the ground than typical truck trailer deck. This platform offers an incredible advantage when loading extremely heavy and oversized items because loading them onto the lower platform is easier. In addition, you will not have to worry about any additional clearance issues and is purpose built for overheight machinery and items.

Low Loader Perth

The main benefit with the Low Loader is the deck height can be dropped to suit the height of the item being transported. With this unique functionality, operators can load machines without the use of a fixed ramp, which is essential and beneficial when transporting machinery and the lower deck is used to accommodate high and overheight machinery.

The average deck height of a standard trailer is 1.5 metres, and trucks and transport operators are only allowed to transport machinery and items on the roads up to 4.3 metres before an overheight permit is required. A Low Loader has a deck height of between 800cm-1m, therefore the low loader operator immediately obtains a much needed height capacity.

Low Loaders are a desired choice for transporting heavy machinery due to their strength and durability. Their low height makes loading and carrying abnormal and irregular shaped loads easier and guarantees a safer process. Low Loaders make the loading process easier and the low height and weight-bearing properties ensures the loading and transporting process is far more safe and efficient for everyone involved.

Do you have heavy machinery or equipment to transport in Perth, Western Australia? If so, you will need our Low Loader transport services to perform your heavy machinery and equipment transportation requirements, call us now to find out more information or to request a quote on 0400 738 658

What Can We Transport with Our Low Loaders?

Executive Tilt Tray Services operates Low Loader trucks with great flexibility and durability. We are able to transport heavy machinery, vehicles and equipment of all different sizes, weights, shapes, and dimensions. Our Low Loaders are even extendable to accommodate longer and wider heavy loads that may not fit on traditional semi-truck trailers.

The heavy equipment and large vehicles we usually transport with our Low Loaders include semi-trucks, excavators, boom lifts, forklifts, railway parts, oversized plant machinery, power infrastructure, industrial equipment, agricultural equipment, gas turbines, and most heavy-duty construction materials. Low Loaders make it fast and easy to load and transport any of these heavy items/loads.

There are many instances where the Department of Transport must grant permission before transporting heavy loads in Western Australia. Executive Tilt Tray Services can seek that permission on your behalf and work out all the logistical requirements required to transport your oversized or over heigh item, vehicle or machinery. You only need to give us specific information regarding your transport requirements and then let us handle the rest.

Safety When Transporting Machinery In Perth

Safety is one of our top priorities when transporting heavy machinery and equipment with our Low Loader transport services. Our clients entrust us with their expensive and delicate machinery, so we go out of our way to keep it safe before, during, and right up to the end of transit.

Of course, not every heavy item requires a Low Loader. It depends on the weight, size, and type of heavy machinery and or equipment you need to transport in Perth or other areas of Western Australia. Sometimes a Tilt Tray Truck may be more appropriate, if this is the case we would use this option as we also offer these services too.

However, if we feel a Low Loader can transport your heavy load safely and more efficiently, we would recommend it over the other modes of transport. Either way, you can leave it up to our team of transport professionals to choose the best transportation vehicles and mechanisms for securing and transporting your item the best and safest way possible.

Low Loader Transport Perth

The newest Low Loaders are the safest transport vehicles imaginable for heavy loads. For instance, they feature advanced air brakes and suspension systems to better care for your heavy loads while transported from Point A to Point B. When your heavy loads arrive at their destination point, they will be in the same condition they were in when we found them initially – That’s our guarantee.

Main Roads Accredited

Executive Tilt Tray Services is a Main Roads accredited transportation company in Western Australia. Our accreditation approves our company for transporting heavy vehicles and machinery anywhere in Western Australia. You should only trust a Low Loader transport company with a Main Roads accreditation because it proves their qualifications to transport heavy loads safely and securely throughout the state.

All our Low Loader operators comply with Australian road regulations and laws, especially those concerning the transportation of heavy loads on the road. We are fully licenced and fully insured and by all this allows us to give peace of mind to our clients and reassure them that their heavy machinery and items are in good hands with us.

Competitive Rates

Executive Tilt Tray Services offers some of the most competitive rates in the industry. We keep our prices low by performing regular maintenance on our Low Loaders and ensuring they remain functional without any setbacks or delays. Our company knows how to maximise fuel efficiency, high-end maintenance duties, and punctuality in delivering heavy machinery and equipment.

For this reason, our operating costs are low while our customer satisfaction is high. You will see that for yourself when you request our Low Loader services in Perth or any areas of Western Australia.

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