Executive Tilt Tray Services is a portable building and office transportation service provider in Perth. We possess a Heavy Vehicle Accreditation from Main Roads that gives us the authority to transport oversized loads, such as temporary buildings or dongas.

If you need to transport a temporary and or portable building to a particular property in Perth, you’ll need a heavy vehicle relocation company with the proper accreditation, licenses, training and equipment. Our tilt tray operators meet these requirements, in addition to our 15+ years of experience in the towing and transportation industry. You can trust that we’ll deliver your site building or dongas to their destinations safely and securely.

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Oversize Transport Perth

Who Benefits from These Services?

Temporary buildings and offices are commonly used in the construction industry for special events, and projects. These are portable buildings that could serve any number of purposes, such as offices, sheds, storage containers, and bathrooms. They allow workers to increase productivity without commuting between their worksite and primary office building throughout the day.

Our main clients are portable building rental specialists and industrial equipment hire companies. If you rent out your portable building or office to a commercial client, they will need the building transported to their worksite. That is where our services can benefit your company.

Executive Tilt Tray Services has a fleet of tilt tray trucks capable of transporting heavy portable buildings and offices to any location in Perth. Each of our tilt tray trucks can handle a weight capacity of up to 13.5 tonnes. As the portable building or donga will be an oversized load for the truck, we will take the proper precautions to ensure its safety whilst transporting on the road.

Quick and Affordable Portable Building Transportation Services

It is a difficult task to transport a large portable building that weighs several tonnes. If you choose the wrong transportation company, it increases the risk of a terrible accident happening on the road. That is why you need to choose a company with the proper credentials and experience to ensure the job gets done properly.

Executive Tilt Tray Services has been operating in Perth for over 15 years. We have created a quick and affordable service for transporting portable buildings and offices throughout the city and its suburbs. We have the dedication, skill, equipment, and expertise to transport heavy and oversized loads safely and efficiently.

Our tilt tray operators use some of the best transportation equipment and technology in the industry. We operate advanced modern tilt tray trucks that have been proven reliable, safe and compatible for transporting the most common portable building structures used today. Our trucks and equipment undergo regular quality control audits to ensure they comply with the highest safety standards.

Dispatch Communication System to Track All Deliveries

Executive Tilt Tray Services uses an innovative dispatch communication system to communicate with all its truck operators in Perth. This system is integrated with GPS tracking technology, which allows us to pinpoint the exact location of any truck and its load in real-time.

We will always know where your portable building or office is located. When the building gets delivered to its destination site, we will send you photographic proof of delivery that shows the building on the site. The proof of delivery confirmation will be sent to you via email or text. This will give you peace of mind that your building or office has been delivered safe and sound.

Tilt Tray with site office

Customer Satisfaction is Our Primary Mission

Executive Tilt Tray Services strives to satisfy our customers by delivering above and beyond the service that we promise. Your portable building or office is a valuable asset, and we will treat it as such. No harm or damage will be inflicted upon the building at any time before, during and after the delivery. Our tilt tray operators take extra precautions to ensure the portable buildings are secure and stable on the flatbeds.

We have maintained a high rate of customer satisfaction for all the time we have been providing tilt tray services. You can trust that our fully trained and experienced staff will keep your portable buildings safe for your clients. Every tilt tray operator undergoes rigorous testing continuously to ensure they comply with our safety and customer satisfaction standards.

Western Australia Heavy Vehicle Accreditation (WAHVA)

A towing or transportation company must have a WA-based heavy vehicle accreditation to legally transport oversized vehicles and machines to any location in Western Australia. Portable buildings and offices would undoubtedly qualify as oversized loads because they weigh several tonnes and have a width of over 2.5 metres and a height of over 4.3 metres.

A WA state-approved accreditor must award the accreditation to the transportation company. Main Roads is the state-approved accreditor that has granted a heavy vehicle accreditation to Executive Tilt Tray Services. We have satisfied all the requirements to make us eligible for the heavy vehicle accreditation. That is why you can trust in the quality and integrity of our portable building and office transportation services.

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Oversize Transport Perth

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