Do You Need to Transport a Boom Lift in Perth?

Boom lifts are standard machines used in several businesses and industries where workers must reach high places above the ground. Basically, a worker enters a basket attached to an arm and crane machine. Then, the arm lifts the basket into the air with the worker standing inside it. Depending on the boom lift model, the arms can reach up to 150 feet above the ground.

Boom lifts, also called elevated platforms and cherry pickers, are often used on farms, construction sites, exterior building maintenance, and to work on utility lines and poles. They are safe and reliable machines with enormous vertical and horizontal reach. No other machinery compares to the safety and reach offered by boom lifts.

However, the biggest challenge is getting your boom lift machinery transported to the appropriate worksite or location where you want to use it. If you do not hire a professional and reliable boom lift transport company, you could risk damaging your boom lift or possibly causing personal injuries to people around it.

Fortunately, you do not have to search hard for a reliable boom lift transport Perth provider because Executive Tilt Tray Services is up for the job. We are available to all companies and individuals wanting to transport boom lifts in Perth and around Western Australia.

Heavy-Duty Transport for Boom Lifts & EWP’s

Executive Tilt Tray Services is a licensed heavy-duty towing and transport company in Western Australia. We move boom lift machinery frequently in Perth for contractors, construction workers, property owners, and more.

Due to the weight and size of a boom lift machine, it is ideally best transported with a heavy-duty tilt tray truck. Our towing and transport company has a fleet of tilt tray trucks capable of transporting all types of heavy machinery.

Cherry Picker on Tilt Tray Perth

Another great thing about our tilt tray tow trucks is they can transport large irregularly shaped machines, such as boom lifts, to any location in Western Australia. Our tilt tray operators strap and secure any type of machinery in a way that prevents damage and unwanted impact during transit. Then you can know that your boom lift machinery is safe and secure when transported from Point A to Point B.

Do you need to transport multiple boom lift machines in Western Australia? Executive Tilt Tray Services can dispatch our fleet of tilt tray trucks to fulfill a more extensive request like this one. We are one of the few towing and transportation companies with enough heavy-duty tilt tray trucks and resources to transport several heavy machines to their appropriate destinations at once.

Our Tilt Tray Trucks are Well Maintained

When transporting your boom lift machinery, you can feel confident in the strength, durability, resistance, and upkeep of our advanced tilt tray trucks. Executive Tilt Tray Services regularly performs comprehensive maintenance duties on all our tilt tray trucks to ensure they are in top working order for transit.

In addition, Executive Tilt Tray Services respects the Occupational Health & Safety policies of the companies we transport for to and from their worksites. Our tilt tray operators are trained to follow basic occupational safety guidelines on every job to preserve worker safety on a worksite and prevent property damage.

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Executive Tilt Tray Services believes in punctuality, so when you hire us to transport your boom lift machinery at a particular time and place in Perth, our tilt tray operators will never be late arriving at the location and then delivering the boom lift to the appropriate destination.

We realise businesses and construction sites have hectic schedules and depend on machinery to be moved around promptly without delay. Executive Tilt Tray Services has professional time management practices to ensure your boom lift transport requests are fulfilled on time. That is one more way we strive to achieve customer satisfaction and build a long-term business relationship with our customers.

Are you ready to request a boom lift transport service in Perth or Western Australia? If so, please get in touch with Executive Tilt Tray Services on 0400 738 658 or fill out the form below to get started today. Our team will discuss the details of your boom lift transport request and can provide a free quote based on your transport requirements.

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