Are you seeking container transport in Welshpool & Kewdale? If so, you can rely on Executive Tilt Tray Services to provide professional container transport services whenever you need to move a shipping or sea container from one location to another in and around Welshpool & Kewdale.

Executive Tilt Tray Services has provided exemplary container transport services in Welshpool & Kewdale for over 15 years. Our customers have grown to depend on our transport services because of our skill, experience, and dedication to customer satisfaction. That makes us the number one container transport service provider in Welshpool & Kewdale, and all areas of Western Australia.

Limits on Length and Weight

Our heavy-duty tilt tray trucks can transport any container 20 feet or less in length and up-to 13.5 tonnes or less in weight. Most shipping or sea containers meet these size and weight requirements, so we won’t have any problems transporting your container.

You can fill your containers with as many heavy objects they will allow, including industrial machinery and furniture. Our sophisticated and innovative transportation equipment can transport heavy containers safely and securely.

Container Transport Kewdale

We can transport several different kinds of containers, such as customised containers, site office containers, standard containers, and refrigerated containers. Plus, we have a fleet of tilt tray trucks to transport multiple containers at the same time.

We can even assist with multiple container movements on a one time or regular basis. We are assisting people for their container movement requirements every day and can help you too.

Low Prices

You will be happy with the competitive prices offered by Executive Tilt Tray Services. Just contact us to request a container transport service, and we’ll send a qualified tilt tray truck operator to load your container and deliver it to the appropriate place. You’ll be amazed at how fast and efficiently we work to transport containers for our customers at affordable rates.

Serving All Areas of Welshpool & Kewdale

Most customers request that our team collect and transport containers from and to residential properties, warehouses, factories, rural properties, construction sites, seaports, and rail depots including Pacific National Rail in Kewdale.

You can trust Executive Tilt Tray Services to deliver high-quality services because we hold numerous accreditations to prove our professionalism and trustworthiness. Furthermore, we have the skills, equipment, and experience to ensure your container and the items inside it remain safe from damage throughout the trip.

Executive Tilt Tray Services operates a fleet of innovative tilt tray trucks throughout Welshpool & Kewdale. Each truck features advanced towing and transportation equipment designed to quickly and securely load and unload containers. Our operators take every precaution and have the skill and expertise to prevent containers and their items from getting damaged during transit. We treat every container like it is our very own.

Do you need to hire us to transport a container to country areas outside of Welshpool & Kewdale in Western Australia? If so, we can transport containers to any other location in Western Australia. Contact us to learn more.

We Accept Oversized Containers and Units

Sometimes you may need to transport oversized containers and units like modular site offices, portable buildings, and dongas. In these situations, we can safely accommodate your needs by using our advanced till tray trucks and towing equipment to transport your oversized containers.

Main Roads WA Heavy Vehicle Accreditation in Welshpool & Kewdale

Executive Tilt Tray Services is the holder of the Main Roads WA Heavy Vehicle Accreditation. This accreditation proves our capabilities of transporting oversized containers, loads, and units anywhere in Welshpool & Kewdale and throughout the rest of Western Australia.

In addition, our tilt tray operators each possess a Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC) to signify their ability to transport sea containers to and from the Fremantle Port.

The Top Considerations to Make Before Transporting Containers

Consider the following factors of transporting containers before requesting our professional services:

The Direction of the Container Door

Think about which side of the container the door is located, so you can figure out a good place for us to put the container at your preferred destination. Then, our team can drop off the container so the door faces any way you want.

Container Transport

Our operators typically slide the container out of the tilt tray truck and put it on the ground. So if you want the container placed against a wall or fence, we need to load it so the container doors face away from the wall or fence after it is delivered. That way, when we slide the container out of the truck from the rear, the doors will be on the side closest to the truck. This will make the doors accessible rather than blocked.


Our tilt tray trucks will need to be able to fit into the destination location with the container. We prefer the entrance or gate to be at least 3 metres in width so we have enough space for the truck and container to fit. This size recommendation applies to both indoor and outdoor destination sites.

Each tilt tray truck has a height of 3 metres, but extends almost 6 metres high when the tilt tray is fully activated. Consider this if you’re requesting our tilt tray operators to deliver your container inside a building. Ensure your ceilings are at least 6 metres high from the ground to avoid any damage from the tilt tray.

Additionally, your indoor environment must have a minimum of 11 metres of space for the truck to enter safely and load and unload the container.


Of course, the weight of the container is vitally important. Remember that each tilt tray truck cannot transport more than 13.5 tonnes of weight at a time.

Request a Container Transport Service

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