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Heavy Towing Services – Heavy Tilt Tray Towing

A heavy towing company is required when you have to move vehicles or machinery that weigh more than 4 tonnes. The difference between heavy towing and standard towing pertains to the type of equipment and tow truck or tilt tray used to perform the service. It is not something that your average towing company can handle.

Here are some of the standard heavy vehicles and machines that require advanced heavy towing services:

  • Heavy Trucks
  • Commercial Buses
  • Heavy Forklifts
  • Excavators
  • Rollers
  • Tractors
  • Loaders

Construction companies and commercial businesses require heavy towing services regularly. These companies generally require certain machinery to be transported from one site to another to perform the work that is required. When it comes to towing these heavy vehicles, it requires an experienced team of towing professionals who understand the risks of transporting heavy vehicles from one place to another. It is the only way that safety and efficiency can be maintained.

The Risk Factors

When moving heavy vehicles or machinery this requires all risk factors to be considered. The slightest mistake or miscalculation could result in severe property damage and or personal injuries. That is why a comprehensive assessment of the potential risks and dangers must be done before a heavy vehicle or machine gets transported.

Once the potential risks and dangers have been identified, the towing operators take the necessary steps to mitigate them as much as possible. Heavy towing is never 100% risk-free, but an experienced towing company knows how to minimise the chances of an accident happening during transport.

Here are the primary risk factors that should always be taken into consideration

  • Vehicle weight – The maximum weight capacity has to be 11 tonnes total.
  • Vehicle dimensions – Can the vehicle fit on the flatbed of the tilt tray?
  • Vehicle shape – Is the vehicle shaped irregularly? Will any part of the vehicle stick out over the side onto the road?
  • Sharp edges – Does the vehicle have sharp edges that could easily cut someone or damage property?
  • Unsecure parts or materials – Does the vehicle have broken glass or damaged components that could loosen and fly out onto the road?

The preliminary assessment takes some time to complete. The towing operators want to make sure their weight and dimensions calculations are correct. After those calculations are verified, the towing equipment and resources are set to move the heavy vehicle. When a towing company takes precautions against each of these risks, the chances of a successful heavy tow will be very high. 

The Moving Plan

The heavy towing process requires the entire transportation route to be outlined beforehand. The towing operators must understand the road conditions and obstacles along the route, such as the level of traffic and pedestrians in those areas. The least complicated route should try to be taken, but sometimes that is not always guaranteed. If every available route has obstacles, then maximum planning and precautions are required.

Choose a Dependable Heavy Towing Company

The emphasis on safety cannot be any greater with heavy towing. Only an efficient, experienced and dependable towing company can ensure the safety of your heavy vehicle and all the property and people along the towing route. Never take a chance with an inexperienced or unknown towing company for heavy-duty towing requirements. Otherwise, it could end up disastrous for all the stakeholders involved.

Executive Tilt Tray Services is an experienced, professional and safety-first heavy towing and transportation company with over 15 years of experience. We have seen and done it all and can assist you with all your heavy tilt tray towing requirements. We offer transportation services of one or multiple vehicles and machinery of up to and including 13.5 tonnes in total weight and we operate and service all areas of Perth. Call us now on 0400 738 658.

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