If you need a forklift towed or transported in Welshpool & Kewdale, look no further than Executive Tilt Tray Services.

Our professional transport services aim to meet the needs and requirements of a wide range of customers in multiple industries. We have earned a superior reputation than most of our rivals because of our dedication to customer satisfaction and professional services. In addition, all our tilt tray operators possess the required credentials and training to safely and efficiently transport forklifts in all areas of Welshpool & Kewdale.

We move all types of Forklifts. Heavy forklifts tend to be larger and heavier than their standard counterparts. Because of this, a specialised heavy forklift transport service is required to move these from Point A to Point B. You will need to hire a trustworthy and reputable company to provide the service so you can have confidence that it’ll get done right.

Executive Tilt Tray Services is the most capable heavy forklift transportation service in Welshpool & Kewdale. Since forklifts have irregular shapes, sizes, heights and designs, you’ll need a skilled tilt tray operator with the equipment, skills, and expertise to transport them.

Forklift Transport Perth

When businesses and factories require a reliable heavy forklift towing service, they turn to Executive Tilt Tray Services. We are not picky about the field in which your company operates. Any company or individual in Welshpool & Kewdale can request a forklift to be loaded onto our tilt tray truck and transported to another location in Welshpool & Kewdale or any other area of Western Australia.

We excel in providing excellent service to our customers. Every request for the towing or transportation of a large forklift is treated with the same level of importance, and we always do our best to respond swiftly and effectively to these requests. If you need a forklift transported in Welshpool & Kewdale, our professional operators will quickly work to load it up and deliver it to your desired destination.

Transportation of Heavy Forklifts in Welshpool & Kewdale

Construction sites, factories, warehouses, transportation hubs, and megastores are some of the most common places in Welshpool & Kewdale to have heavy forklifts. Workers utilise the power of heavy forklifts to safely carry equipment and heavy pallets of items around their worksite. Forklifts don’t usually travel far between locations on a site, allowing workers to pile numerous items onto a single pallet to their maximum weight capacity.

Forklifts can securely grab pallets and raise them to a higher elevation, making it easier to load and unload pallets from elevated areas. Only heavy forklifts have enough power to lift heavy items on a pallet, move them around a short distance, and raise them into the air as needed. As a result, many businesses have relied on heavy forklifts for years to meet their worksite productivity needs and will continue to do so as their transport demands grow.

Towing Heavy Forklifts with a Tilt Tray Towing Mechanism

Executive Tilt Tray Services prefers tilt tray trucks because they are the safest and most reliable way to transport forklifts to worksites in Welshpool & Kewdale. Given the extensive sizes and weights of heavy forklifts, only superior trucks with tilt tray towing mechanisms and high weight capacities can do the job right.

A horizontal flatbed platform is on the rear of each tilt tray truck. The platform tilts to the ground so we can winch the heavy forklifts onto it. After that, the platform raises and straightens itself out. Our tilt tray operators securely chain and lash all machinery to the flatbed to ensure they will not move around during transit.

We are the most qualified towing and tilt tray company to handle your heavy forklifts and ensure no accidental damage gets inflicted upon them. The fragility and delicacy of heavy forklifts require us to use extra special care when lifting and securing these machines to our tilt tray trucks. That way, your heavy forklifts will remain in the same condition by the time they reach their destination.

Tilt Tray Transporting Forklift in Perth

Maximum Weight Capacity

Executive Tilt Tray Services can transport any type and any weight forklift required. So whether you have a small, medium, or heavy-sized forklift, we can transport them all with our advanced tilt tray trucks.

After all, these multi-purpose tilt tray trucks can tow and transport all kinds of vehicles and machinery regardless of their shape and size. We are also capable of transporting multiple machines and vehicles at the same time.

Would you like to learn more about our tilt tray tow trucks and their abilities to transport heavy forklifts and loads. Please call us on 0400 738 658 for more information today.

We also possess the Main Road WA Heavy Vehicle Accreditation to have the ability to transport heavy, oversized, over-width machinery and vehicles in Western Australia.

Professional Low-Cost Heavy Forklift Transport Service in Welshpool & Kewdale

Executive Tilt Tray Services doesn’t waste any time when transporting heavy forklifts from one location to another in Welshpool & Kewdale.

When you contact us to request heavy forklift transport services, our tilt tray operators will work fast and efficiently to bring your machines to their required destinations safely. You could have heavy forklifts in good or bad condition, and we can still transport them to their destinations without any issues. We guarantee that your heavy forklifts will arrive in the same condition they were in originally.

Our professional and low-cost heavy forklift towing services are reserved for residents and business owners of Welshpool & Kewdale. We promise to comply with all local road transportation and workplace safety laws. That way, we can protect and preserve the safety of your workers and the general public.

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Our team will review the details of your heavy forklift transport request and then respond with an accurate price estimate for the service needed. We promise to offer the most competitive rates possible.

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