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The Best Method for Transporting Heavy Machinery in Western Australia

Heavy machinery is difficult to transport because of its enormous size and weight. Construction workers, businesses, and contractors often must move around massive equipment and machines, such as diggers, cranes, excavators, and farm machinery. That is why they need a reliable and professional heavy machinery transport company to depend on whenever they want to relocate their machines.

Executive Tilt Tray Services is a reputable heavy machinery towing and transport company in Western Australia. We can transport any type of heavy machinery to and from locations in Western Australia. We have all kinds of sophisticated tilt tray trucks and low loaders to perform these duties safely, securely, and quickly.

Construction companies usually need heavy machinery temporarily, such as for a couple of days or weeks until their projects are finished. So, they will hire a company like ours to pick up their machinery from storage and transport it to their worksites and vice versa. Sometimes they even have us transport their heavy machinery from one worksite to another.

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In any case, transporting heavy machinery requires a lot of planning and consideration to ensure the job is done correctly and safely. Our mission is to deliver heavy machinery on time and ensure no accidental damage is inflicted upon the load during the trip.

What are the Considerations?

The first step is to choose which heavy machinery types you want to transport in Western Australia. For instance, you would give us the name of the machine, model, dimensions and total weight. Again, the most common heavy machines transported include loaders, forklifts, excavators, diggers, farm machinery, and cranes.

The next step is to factor in all the considerations associated with transporting your particular type of heavy machinery. Let us review those considerations below:

Choosing the Best Route

Any professional heavy machinery transport company needs to plan the route to transport the machinery from Point A to Point B. Since some routes could be longer or less suitable for taller trucks and clearances, you need to know which route will support the truck and load.

For example, one route could have low bridges or powerlines close to the ground. So if you want us to transport a tall machine, it would never fit under a low bridge or powerline. That is why planning the route will ensure we avoid these situations that slow down the transport of your machinery.

Choosing the Best Transport Vehicle

Towing and transport vehicles are not one-size fits all vehicles and machinery. Instead, certain types of trucks are suitable for safely towing various kinds of heavy machinery.

For example, sometimes a tilt tray tow truck may be necessary, while other times a low-loader may be more appropriate. It depends on the heavy machinery’s weight, type, size, and other factors.

The route also plays a role in the decision of a transported vehicle because we need to ensure it can adequately manoeuvre and navigate the chosen route. This may even mean being able to transport heavy machinery onto the uneven or rugged terrain of a construction site.

Skilled Transport Operators

You need to hire a professional heavy machinery transport company like Executive Tilt Tray Services that employ skilled operators. We have such a fabulous reputation in Western Australia because of our transport operators’ skills, knowledge, and professionalism. These traits are critical when loading, securing, transporting, and unloading heavy machinery in and around Western Australia.

Choosing a new or unknown company with unskilled transport operators could spell trouble for your heavy machinery. If you hire people who don’t know how to handle heavy machinery safely or correctly, it may get damaged by the time it reaches its destination.

You can rest assured that you won’t have this problem with Executive Tilt Tray Services. We use advanced loading and unloading techniques and safety procedures to protect all our heavy machinery during transit. When your heavy machinery arrives at its final destination, it will be in the same condition it was initially.


Insurance on your precious heavy machinery can give you peace of mind while being transported to its destination. For instance, if an unfortunate event like a traffic accident occurs while transporting your heavy machinery, the insurance provider can provide coverage if your machinery is damaged. Executive Tilt Tray Services is fully insured so that will give you the assurances that everything is covered and give you financial certainty about the machinery you have trusted us with.

Responsive Scheduling

You probably have a strict schedule for transporting your heavy machinery from one location to another in Western Australia. However, many transport companies are not responsive or flexible because they work around their own schedules. You need to find a company with a large fleet of trucks like Executive Tilt Tray Services that can work around your schedule instead.

Executive Tilt Tray Services offers responsive scheduling to clients needing to relocate their heavy machinery quickly or unexpectedly. Just contact us and let us know when you need your heavy machinery relocated, and we’ll respond promptly to your request. We aim to meet all of your deadlines without delay.

Learn More About Your Heavy Machinery Transport Options

Now that you have learned about the primary considerations for transporting heavy machinery in Western Australia, the next step is to choose a towing and transport service provider. Executive Tilt Tray Services satisfies all the above mentioned considerations because we have skilled operators, several heavy-duty towing and transport vehicles, insurance on our trucks and cargo, and responsive scheduling.

Now do you see why you can trust Executive Tilt Tray Services? Why take the risk of transporting your heavy machinery with anyone else?

Contact Executive Tilt Tray Services today for a free consultation to discuss your heavy machinery transportation needs in Western Australia.

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