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An Overview of Transporting Heavy Machinery

The average towing and transportation company may not have the tools or equipment to transport heavy machinery from one place to another. Aside from the enormous weight of heavy machinery, it is also irregularly shaped. That is why standard tow trucks are insufficient for towing or transporting heavy machinery. The only way to ensure the safety and security of heavy machinery during transit is to use heavy-duty tilt tray trucks.

Furthermore, towing and transporting heavy machinery requires experienced tilt tray operators who have the necessary training, focus, and skills to safely load, transport, and unload a heavy machine. There are multiple steps involved in the process, and each one must be performed accurately. Otherwise, one mistake could cause significant problems that lead to vehicle damage or worse.

Heavy machinery is usually large machinery. The oversized nature of heavy machinery only adds to the mechanical, technical, and logistical challenges of transporting it. Hiring the right towing and transportation company is essential to ensure nothing goes wrong. Executive Tilt Tray Services is one of the few towing and transportation companies with the experience and capabilities of tackling these challenges.

Tilt Tray With Heavy Machinery

Below are the five things we do to secure our clients’ heavy machinery for transit:

1) Utilise the Best Load Restraint System for the Job

Heavy machinery and equipment cannot be left untied on the back of a heavy tilt tray truck. Our experienced tilt tray operators understand the importance of tying down and securing heavy equipment and machinery to keep it stable and safe for transportation. We only use the best and rated load restraint system to keep heavy cargo safe from the impact of challenging roadways, bad weather and road obstructions.

Before transporting any piece of heavy machinery or equipment, our tilt tray operators secure it with the proper binders and tensioners for maximum stability. So if there is any negative impact from the surrounding environment, the tie-downs will absorb the shocks before they reach the machinery.

2)  Loading and Unloading Procedures

When you have to transport a piece of industrial machinery or equipment you must have the experience, knowledge and professional trained operators to safely load, restrain and unload any type of machinery or equipment sometimes in challenging locations.

Before loading and unloading equipment, a thorough risk assessment should be carried out which considers every step of the job, including site risks and hazards. This is particularly necessary in the case of an unfamiliar commodity or location and or where there are unfavourable weather conditions.

All equipment should be loaded, positioned and secured in a safe and logical manner that eliminates the risk of movement and in a way that considers the unloading process. Our towing and transport professionals utilise the necessary skills to load or unload heavy machinery using the latest and advanced transport equipment such as heavy duty winches, snatch blocks, salvage pulleys and chains.

We follow all occupational health and safety procedures during the loading and unloading procedure at all times and we have a range of job-specific equipment and processes in place to ensure loading and unloading of equipment is done safely. All vehicles are fitted with warning lights, signals and signs and the use of warning cones, harness systems and PPE are used by all of our operators.

3) Quality Management

Transporting heavy machinery for long distances requires more skill and manoeuvring from the tilt tray operators. After all, there is no telling which obstacles and hazards may be on the roads during a long trip, such as rocks, potholes, nails, etc. It only takes one obstacle for a piece of heavy machinery to be impacted unless it is managed and secured correctly.

Executive Tilt Tray Services specialises in cargo management and handling for transporting heavy machinery long distances. We know which safeguards to put in place to keep your particular machinery from getting impacted by obstructions on the road. Since every type of heavy machinery and equipment is different, they require specific safeguards to accommodate their size, shape, and weight.

4) Advanced Towing Equipment

There is no way a private vehicle or standard tow truck can tow a piece of heavy machinery. Fortunately, we have advanced towing equipment designed for hauling heavy cargo, such as industrial-grade machinery and equipment.

Our skilled tilt tray operators have plenty of experience using this advanced and modern towing and transportation equipment to transport the most fragile pieces of heavy equipment without damaging them. So when your heavy machinery or equipment arrives at its final destination, it will look exactly the same as before.

5) Transport Any Heavy Machinery

The best tow trucking companies should have the capabilities of transporting any type of heavy machinery and equipment, whether they are wheeled machines or non-wheeled equipment. For example, construction companies often need to transport their tracked vehicles to and from construction sites, including bulldozers, bobcats, loaders, etc. Only the most advanced heavy tilt tray tow trucks can transport such vehicles without causing them any harm.

Executive Tilt Tray Services operates a fleet of the industry’s latest and most advanced heavy tilt tray tow trucks. Our towing equipment can lift and transport most wheeled and non-wheeled heavy machinery and equipment.

Final Words

Safety is the most critical aspect of transporting heavy machinery and equipment, especially at long distances across major cities. Therefore, the entire towing and transportation process requires a lot of extensive planning and preparation before the heavy machinery can begin the journey on the road. That is why you must hire the best towing and transportation company to manage this process from beginning to end.

Executive Tilt Tray Services has spent many years using our advanced heavy tilt tray tow trucks and tools to transport heavy machinery and equipment for our clients. Our tilt tray operators are some of the most skilled in the business. So you can rest assured that your machinery and equipment will be in the hands of experts during the entire trip.

Do you need to have your heavy machinery or equipment transported in Perth or another location in Western Australia? Get in contact with us now to find out more on 0400 738 658.

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