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The Top 11 Accessories for Repurposing Your Shipping Container

Don’t think of a shipping container as only some giant box that holds your possessions. Sure, you could use a shipping container to store your items or transport them to a different destination. But you can do much more with your shipping containers if you purchase the right accessories.

Shipping containers are pretty versatile in how they are used in the modern age. So if you want to use your shipping container for something other than storing and transporting items, you need to figure out which accessories can repurpose your shipping container into what you want it to do for you.

Below are the top 11 shipping container accessories

1) Bespoke Windows 

Contractors and mobile workers like repurposing shipping containers into mobile office units, especially on construction sites. Bespoke windows are the perfect addition to office containers because they allow you to see outside from the inside.

The window options include shuttered windows and double-panelled sliding windows. Shuttered windows help protect the glass from flying debris or impact during transit. The sliding windows could serve as service windows or communication windows in case you need to exchange items with someone on the outside. The possibilities are endless.

Are you worried about thieves breaking into your container through the windows? Don’t worry because you can add security bars on the windows for maximum protection.

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2) Bespoke Doors

A workspace container must have custom doors for you to access it. Although standard shipping containers come equipped with two large doors, you might not want to use them to go in and out of your container. Those large doors are supposed to be opened when loading and unloading large items.

Custom doors for your containers can be normal-sized doors. Think of them as personal access security doors made from heavy-duty metal material. You can customise the metal door by adding push bars or deadlocks for extra security. These metal doors are more secure than regular office or home doors.

3) Electrical Power Outlets and Lighting

When your container is repurposed into a lounge, home, office, or workspace, you’ll spend a lot of time in it. As a result, you’ll need electricity connected to the container to power your computer, lights, and other electrical appliances.

Adding power outlets to your container is essential. You can use them to charge your smartphone, run your computer, turn on your fluorescent lighting, and perform other basic electrical needs. A modest power supply is all you need because you won’t run larger electrical appliances in the container.

4) Furniture

 Shipping containers make for private and quiet workplaces. But you’ll need to get comfortable in your shipping container if you’re going to work, sleep, lounge, or study inside it.

Think about putting some workbenches, work desks, office chairs, sofas, and other furniture in your shipping container. Then it will feel more like a legitimate workspace where you can be more productive.

5) Storage Shelves

Heavy-duty storage shelving is critical whether using a container for your workspace or moving. You can create up to four tiers of shelving inside your container to organise documents, hazardous items, heavy items, or anything else important.

Perhaps you don’t want to throw everything into a box. If so, putting items on shelves will make it easier to protect and access them whenever you want.

6) Air Conditioning System 

The inside of containers can heat up quickly, especially if you’re on a construction site underneath the open sun. Not only does the extreme heat cause discomfort, but it could also damage your computer equipment and electronics.

Therefore, install an air conditioning system in your container to create cool air for the people and machines inside.

7) Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures 

Plumbing installations are typical for containers repurposed as offices and homes. Sometimes the containers are repurposed as bathrooms only. Either way, you’ll need to connect water pipes and plumbing fixtures to the container.

Popular plumbing features to add to containers include sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and showers. Make sure you connect a water heater to allow the sinks and shower to produce hot water. Also, an existing sewage system will need to be connected to the toilet to dispose of the waste.

8) Green Technology / Solar Panels 

Do you want to put your container somewhere away from public utilities? If so, you can still generate power for it by using solar panel technology.

Solar panels allow you to harness energy from the sun and convert it into electricity for the lighting, computers, electronics, and appliances inside your container. You may also want to use solar panels for environmental protection purposes because they don’t produce any carbon emissions.

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9) Paint Colours

Don’t keep the same colour on your shipping container. If you have purchased your container, feel free to paint it a new colour to accommodate your brand or company message. You can even add signage and advertisements on the outside to further promote your products or brand.

10) Security Lock Boxes & Cameras 

Fit your container with a steel-constructed security lock box to add more protection against burglars, thieves, and vandals. This may be a worthy investment if you’re leaving sensitive documents or valuable items inside your container for more than one day.

If you’re still worried about crime and break-ins occurring at your container, you could also add smart security cameras around the worksite. Then you could monitor a live video feed from the cameras on your smartphone or tablet.

11) Flooring Materials

Don’t ignore the floors of your container. The right flooring materials can accommodate your need for aesthetics, comfort, storage, or transportation.

For instance, vinyl material can protect the container’s flooring if you regularly move items in and out of the container. But if you’re using the container as an office or home space, you might want to use carpeting or floating floorboards for comfort and aesthetics.


Now you know how accessories can effectively repurpose shipping containers into something completely different. For example, you can convert containers into mobile offices and homes with electricity, plumbing, furniture, windows, security, and other critical accessories and items you would want in them.

The accessories you choose for your container depend on your intended purpose. If you’re new to purchasing container accessories, start small and gradually add more accessories as you see fit.

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