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The Top 10 Uses for Cherry Picker Transport Services in Western Australia

Cherry pickers are boom lift machines that allow workers to stand inside a basket, elevate themselves to higher areas, and perform manual work. You may see boom lift machines used for various tasks ranging from harvesting on a farm to repairing utility lines on the street. Anytime you need to reach a high place, a cherry picker is the safest machine for the job.

The primary types of cherry pickers are straight boom lifts and articulated knuckle boom lifts. Cherry pickers are suitable for outdoor or indoor use. Some run on electric-powered batteries, while others run on gas. The electric cherry pickers are better for working in small or narrow indoor spaces.

If you need to extend your reach vertically or horizontally, you can add a telescopic boom attachment to the cherry picker. The telescopic boom will help stabilize your position and ensure you maximize your reach.

The Top 10 Uses of a Cherry Picker

Cherry pickers are used regularly in many industries, such as agriculture, construction, landscaping, government, and power. Do you want to learn about their most common uses?

Here are the top 10 ways you can use a cherry picker on a worksite.

1) High Access Cleaning Jobs 

Cleaning chimneys and upper-flow windows require significant elevation and reach from the ground. Cherry pickers are perfect for high-access cleaning jobs where you must reach high to clean something like window glass, gutters, chimneys, roofs, etc.

High-pressure cleaning is also possible to do with a cherry picker. The worker can maintain stability while standing inside the bucket and engaging in high-pressure cleaning of solid surfaces and hard-to-reach areas. Cherry pickers offer higher safety and security than ladders for almost every high-access cleaning job.

2) Harvesting

Do you know why boom lifts are called cherry pickers? Their original purpose was to allow farmers to pick cherries from trees more easily, safely, and quickly.

Using a ladder to climb a tree and pick fruit is never wise, especially when dealing with windy weather conditions. That’s why cherry pickers are still used to harvest tree fruits like mangoes, avocados, and apples.

Cherry Picker

3) Building Signage Installation and Painting

Do you ever wonder how workers install large signage and paintings on the sides of tall buildings?

They use heavy-duty cherry pickers to lift workers horizontally and vertically to access the best promotional spots on the exterior building. Those workers can then sign write or paint whatever promotional images and text messages they want while standing in their buckets.

Each cherry picker bucket is big enough to hold one person and their supplies. Compare this to the unsafe practice of climbing a ladder on the side of a building while carrying supplies.

4) Building Maintenance

Painting and signwriting are not the only reasons you would need to elevate yourself on the side of a building using a cherry picker. Another reason is to perform maintenance duties on the side of the building.

For instance, you may need to change a dead light bulb five storeys above the ground. Perhaps you must repair the gutters, drain pipe, or other upper areas of your building. Regardless, the cherry picker is the best solution to elevate you to complete these tasks safely.

5) Fire Services

Firefighters and fire rescue workers have been using cherry pickers for decades. For instance, if people get trapped on the upper floor of a building due to a fire or other emergency, a cherry picker allows a firefighter to access the upper floor quickly and rescue these people.

The same concept is applied to any rescue mission where people are trapped high above the ground. Another example would be a malfunctioning roller coaster stuck way up in the air. The firefighters would need to use cherry pickers to rescue all the trapped people on the roller coaster.

6) Landscaping

Properties with tall trees and hedges require landscapers to elevate themselves to trim and maintain them. Cherry pickers make these tasks much safer with minimal risk of damage to the trees and hedges.

You do not need to climb a ladder and lift extensive trimming tools along with you. Instead, you can put these tools and yourself inside a cherry picker bucket and elevate it to the desired area above the ground.

7) Filming and Moviemaking

Do you want to film a movie or video record the activities at a large event?

For example, if you were to do the filming or video recording from a cherry picker bucket, you could capture a bird’s eye view of the scene you want to capture.  That may be the best way to capture any large-scale event where many different things happen simultaneously.

8) Picking Products in a Warehouse

Cherry pickers can be used indoors if the environment is large enough. For example, workers in massive-scale warehouses may need cherry pickers to access and pick items at elevated heights above the ground. The workers stand inside a bucket the whole time, so they remain safe during picking.

Cherry pickers don’t pose a risk to your indoor warehouse flooring because they are made to avoid damaging the surface. They won’t even add debris elements to the floor, ensuring the flooring remains clean.

9) Utility Work

Whenever you see a technician working on the telephone or power lines outside, they are likely standing inside a cherry picker bucket.

Due to the delicate nature of their work, technicians depend on safety and stability when doing such an important and dangerous job. Cherry pickers provide the necessary protection and stability for all utility workers, whether telephone or electricity.

10) Removing or Preventing Pests 

Buildings in Western Australia are common targets of nasty pests like birds, rats, and insects. While insects and rats are usually at the ground level, the bird pests love to nest and perch on upper-floor areas like roofs and gutters. So if you want to remove or deter the birds from going to these upper areas of your building, you need to access them safely.

Cherry pickers can give you safe access to the rooftop areas, where you can set up bird spikes, bird netting, or whatever other deterrents you think will be effective. Plus, you can lift all of these supplies along with you in the bucket.

Hire a Professional Cherry Picker Transport Service

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