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How Are Moving Containers Transported with a Tilt Tray Truck?

The transport industry experiences new technological innovations and equipment every day. Fewer people rely on traditional moving trucks to relocate their private or commercial possessions from one place to another. Instead, they rely more on transport companies with specialised moving containers and tilt tray trucks.

Moving containers are like portable storage units or truck containers without the truck attached to them. Many customers demand moving containers more than moving trucks because they are more cost-effective for transporting items.

But, of course, something still needs to transport the moving containers from Point A to Point B because they don’t move on their own. Tilt tray trucks are the best for transporting moving containers because they offer the safest and easiest methods for transporting large and heavy containers.

About Tilt Tray Trucks

Tilt tray trucks are the best tow trucks in the transport industry. They can transport large items and machines, such as caravans, forklifts, cars, bobcats, light trucks, and moving containers.

Traditional tow trucks lift and pull vehicles from behind them. But with tilt tray tow trucks, they don’t pull anything behind them on the road because the whole weight of the transported item sits on a tray at the rear. Since it is off the road, the transported item is more protected and secured during transit.

The truck features a hydraulic system to tilt the rear tray toward the ground. That way, heavy vehicles or moving containers can be lifted from the ground onto the tray more easily. Once the vehicles or containers are on the tilt tray, the hydraulic system lifts the tray off the ground and back into a horizontal position.

Of course, tilt tray tow trucks have traditionally been used for moving cars and trucks, but they can also transport moving containers. Even though moving containers come in many different sizes, tilt tray tow trucks are well-equipped for lifting and transporting them.

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The Steps for Transporting Moving Containers with Tilt Tray Tow Trucks 

Let’s review the process of transporting moving containers with tilt tray trucks.

1) Call the transport company to request a moving container to be transported to your home or business.

2) A tilt tray truck delivers an empty moving container to your home or business.

3) Load the moving container with all your personal or commercial possessions.

4) Call the transport company and request that the container be picked up and transported to the required destination.

5) The tilt tray truck arrives at your property to pick up your moving container filled with your possessions.

6) The truck operator will tilt the tray onto the ground using the hydraulic system.

7) The truck operator positions the moving container onto the edge of the tray and connects a winch lifting device to the container.

8) The truck operator raises the tilt tray, causing the winch to lift the container from the ground onto the tray.

9) The moving container is transported to the rail terminal if moving interstate.

10) The truck operator transports the moving container to its destination.

11) The truck operator lowers the tilt tray to the ground and prepares to unload the moving container. The operator slides the container from the tray to the ground.

12) The truck operator raises the tilt tray back to its normal position and leaves.

13) That’s it! Now you can unload your moving container at the destination property.

14) When you’re done unloading the contents of the container, call the transport company and request for them to pick up the empty moving container.

How Does a Tilt Tray Truck Secure the Moving Container and Keep it Safe?

The invention of the tilt tray truck has been a blessing for the transport industry. It offers the following benefits:

  • Ability to lift, slide, and load the moving container onto the truck within minutes
  • Easier to avoid delays and stick to your schedule
  • Some container companies let you ride along in the truck as your container gets transported
  • High-weight capacity for transporting moving containers
  • The moving container is fastened and secured onto the tray during transport
  • A more affordable way to transport a moving container

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Maintaining the safety of your container and its contents is a top priority. Of course, some unwanted or unintentional movements might occur during transit. But if the items are well-packed inside the container, the random movements should not impact them.

The best way to minimise the impact of sudden movements are as follows:

  • Distribute weight evenly throughout the moving container. Don’t put too many heavy items on one side only. Spread them out to ensure balanced weight throughout the container.
  • Tie down boxes and loose items with robust ropes or cables. They should stop those items from shaking or sliding around during transit.
  • Protect furniture by covering it with plastic wrap or special furniture blankets. That should prevent dents from getting inflicted on the furniture.

Some professional transport companies will help you perform some of these actions. But remember, you are still partially responsible for packing your items securely. The truck operator will load and secure the container, but it is up to you to load it correctly. That is why you should invest in ropes and wrapping material to protect your items as much as possible.


Overall, the tilt tray truck is still the best for transporting moving containers because it minimises the impact of unexpected bumps and obstructions in the road. If you simply do your part in packing and securing your items inside the container correctly, they should not suffer any damage during transit.

Some transport companies may offer services to help pack your items, but not all do. So it would help if you took it upon yourself to learn the best tricks and tips for tying and securing items. Perhaps your preferred transport company can give you advice on this subject. Then you can have peace of mind the next time you need to relocate a moving container to a new destination.

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