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The Top 10 Considerations to Make As You Look for a Heavy Machinery Towing Company

Heavy machinery and equipment serve many valuable purposes in factories, warehouses and construction sites. Machinery like forklifts, bobcats, and excavators can perform many critical tasks you may need to get done on various worksites.

The only challenge is transporting heavy-duty machinery between worksites because the highest standards must be followed. That is why you need to hire a professional and reliable heavy machinery towing and transportation company with the proper experience and equipment to get the job done right.

The speed and productivity of your work operations may depend on finding a high-quality heavy machinery transportation provider. But how do you find the best heavy machinery towing company serving your area?

Below are the top 10 considerations when looking for a heavy machinery towing and transportation company:

1) Customer Reviews

The internet gives you easy access to customer reviews about any active company. For this reason, you can easily research the customer reviews of all the heavy machinery towing and transportation companies serving your area. Just type the company name plus “reviews” in the Google search box and see what comes up on the first page.

You’ll want to find companies with reviews on Google and Facebook. If a company averages more than 4 out of 5 stars with a majority of positive customer comments, it is probably trustworthy.

2) Safety Guarantees

A reputable and reliable heavy machinery towing and transportation company should have safety mechanisms, procedures and protocols in place to protect the heavy machinery during transit. These protocols are essential if transporting machinery long distances because they could suffer potential impact on the open road.

In addition to this, any reputable transportation company should have experienced and fully educated drivers and operators only to have the ability to transport heavy machinery and equipment safely and securely.

3) Experience

Don’t choose a new heavy machinery towing and transportation company without any history or customer feedback. Why take that risk when plenty of experienced companies are available for hire right now?

Find a professional heavy machinery towing and transportation company with many years of quality experience transporting industrial equipment and heavy-duty machines. The company should specialise in transporting heavy machinery and utilise the latest tools to get each transportation job done right.

4) Equipment

You shouldn’t have to provide the tools or equipment needed to secure your heavy machinery. Instead, the towing and transportation company should have its own commercial-quality tools and equipment to secure your heavy machinery for transit.

Ask each prospective towing and transportation company about the equipment they use to secure heavy machinery on their trucks. If they can move your heavy load quickly and efficiently with their equipment, you’ll know you’ve hired the right company.

5) Flexible Scheduling

Tilt Tray Transporting Machinery 2

Not all heavy machinery towing and transportation companies offer flexible hours outside normal business hours. So, if you need to transport your heavy machinery in the early morning, late in the afternoon or on a Saturday, look for a heavy machinery towing company offering flexible scheduling for their services.

A professional heavy machinery towing company offers its clients flexible scheduling. You should be able to schedule a pick-up or delivery time that accommodates your needs.

6) Affordability

Everyone has a budget when hiring a heavy machinery towing and transportation company. If you can find a reputable company offering affordable prices within your budget, you should look closely at them to see if they’re compatible with your needs.

Don’t choose the company with the cheapest towing services because they may not do a good job. Just ensure the company has affordable prices and a positive reputation.

7) Operational Areas

Does the heavy machinery towing company operate in your area or the destination location? You better find out before hiring the company to serve your heavy machinery transport needs.

Remember that some heavy machinery towing companies only serve certain regions. So, if you want to transport heavy machinery between different regions, you must check with the company beforehand to see if service the required areas.

8) Towing Type

What type of heavy-duty tow truck does the company use to transport heavy machinery? Do they use advanced heavy-duty tilt tray trucks?

Find out everything you can about the company’s trucks, such as their dimensions, lengths, masses, weights, and sizes. Then you can have peace of mind knowing you’re getting the safest towing option for your heavy machinery or load.

9) Insurance

Does the heavy machinery tow company offer insurance? Since you’re entrusting the company with your heavy machinery that could be worth tens of thousands of dollars, insurance will give you peace of mind that you’ll be financially protected if something bad happens to your machinery during transit.

Ask every heavy machinery towing company about their insurance coverage. Most companies should be able to provide documentation stating the coverage of insurance they provide beforehand for your piece of mind.

10) Plan Creation

A good heavy machinery towing and transportation company will create a comprehensive plan for transporting your heavy machines or equipment from Point A to Point B. It doesn’t matter if it’s an on-site or long-distance transport. There must always be a plan when transporting heavy machinery between locations.

The plan must detail all the steps in securing the load and carrying out the transport service as requested. Furthermore, it must be a plan that factors in the most cost-efficient and effective ways of delivering the job. That’ll reduce the risk of problems arising along the way.


Now you know the most important considerations to make when looking to hire a heavy machinery towing and transportation company. If you can follow all ten tips listed above, you should hire a great company that lives up to your transport expectations and needs.

Finding one great heavy machinery towing and transportation company is all you need to do in the beginning. After that, you can continue to hire the same company to satisfy all your heavy machinery transport needs in the future. Then you don’t have to screen potential companies each time you want to transport a piece of heavy machinery.

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